Cuyahoga County Farm Bureau Policies For 2015-2016

We the members of the Cuyahoga County Farm Bureau resolve…


  1. We support all measures by Ohio Department of Wildlife to reduce the deer herd size and encourage local cities and suburbs to actively engage ODNR for help with this challenge. A culling program implemented by the Cleveland Metroparks should be enhanced and more widespread.
  2. We encourage local community officials to investigate thoroughly the value of their residents keeping bees, poultry and goats for honey, eggs and milk products.
  3. We encourage all residents and businesses to utilize healthy water practices, including use of rain barrels and rain gardens, to help alleviate overflow of our local sewer lines.
  4. We encourage and support the continuation of the 4H animal science program with our county OSU Extension office.
  5. We oppose any storm water assessment. All farms including those in urban areas, should be exempt from storm water assessments.
  6. We encourage giving priority to health and nutrition programs that provide locally or regionally produced fruits and vegetables and connecting low-income consumers directly to agricultural producers.
  7. We encourage city officials to assure proper water retention basins or other means to capture water drainage and runoff with all new construction plans, both housing and business development, to help alleviate flooding of creeks and overflow of local sewer lines during heavy rains.


  1. We encourage our legislators to preserve CAUV and preserve our farmland.
  2. We encourage producers to establish a nutrient management plan to promote ways to restore the biological, chemical and physical properties of our soils. We support the use of cover crops, which aid in soil restoration and promotion of 4Rs.
  3. We recommend Ohio Farm Bureau to remain neutral on the issue of marijuana.
  4. We recommend Section 1e of Article II of the Constitution of the State of Ohio should be amended to prohibit an initiated constitutional amendment that would grant a monopoly, oligopoly, or cartel, specify or determine a tax rate, or confer a commercial interest, right, or license to any person or nonpublic entity. The creation of an economic monopoly or special privilege for any nonpublic entity, including individuals, corporations and organizations should not be granted via voter approval of an amendment to the Ohio Constitution.
  5. We support the Healthy Water Ohio initiative's collaborative approach to create a statewide water resources management strategy that includes all water users and interests.


  1. With the enactment of the Food Modernization Act, there needs to be a subsidized training program to ensure all required farms are able to comply. FSMA inspectors, currently being trained, can be utilized to teach compliance before they inspect the farms required to comply.
  2. We support SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) and FINIP (Food Insecurity and Nutrition Incentive Program). Use of locally grown food should be a priority to help generate additional local economic opportunity.
  3. We request that all imported food products to the United States should be regulated equally as our food system is regulated and all regulations should be enforced.
  4. We recommend that the government nutrition program be limited to fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, and grains and not processed foods.
  5. We support science based regulation of biotech crops.
  6. All bureaucrats should be required to fund their retirement and health insurance with the same programs as the general citizenship of the United States.