Erie County Farm Bureau Policies For 2016-2017

Accepted policies adopted August 31, 2016

We the members of the Erie County Farm Bureau resolve…


  1. We support continuance of farmers’ markets to support consumption of locally grown foods for county residents; including the health department's proposal including 'Rx' paid for by the health department.
  2. We support the county health department’s efforts to establish additional local detoxification facilities for rehabilitation of those with drug and alcohol problems.
  3. We support the creation of a local in-patient facility to deal with drug addiction, substance abuse, and mental health illnesses.
  4. We support continued testing by the Erie County Health Department, at a county water testing lab in Erie County, for e-coli/sewage and other contamination in tributaries to Lake Erie in relationship to harmful algal blooms.
  5. We support, at least, partial restoration of local government funds; especially for townships.
  6. We would encourage a local organization to locate grant money to maintain, repair, upgrade and provide education on rural on-site waste systems.


  1. Since Ohio has a high infant mortality rate we support education programs to address this concern.
  2. We support reducing the deer population by increasing the bag limit and increasing the length of the hunting season.
  3. We support drug testing for receiving government assistance.
  4. We support increased funding for drug, alcohol, and mental illness education and rehabilitation.
  5. We support local control of all county jails and not against privatization.


  1. We support permanent income tax incentives for donated conservation and agricultural easements.
  2. We support continuation of the estate tax exemption of five million dollars and total exemption for a continuing family farming operation.
  3. We support the continued non-taxation of life insurance policies.
  4. We support the opportunity of healthy food choices in the school lunch program.
  5. We oppose changes to the definition of Waters of the U.S. and support deregulation of wetlands to the pre 1985 conditions.
  6. We support a requirement that persons, with no dependents and are able bodied, must be working or be receiving job training to qualify for food stamps.