Huron County Farm Bureau Policies For 2017-2018

Accepted policies adopted September 14, 2017

We the members of the Huron County Farm Bureau resolve…


  1. We request the removal of limited access signage from the U.S. Route 20 bypass thereby allowing farm machinery to avoid the serious safety risks of other routes through and around Norwalk.
  2. We support local government (i.e. township trustees) and not regional government with 2008 local government funding levels restored.
  3. We do not support unfunded mandates.
  4. We recommend state capital improvement money and grants be divided more equally amongst Ohio counties and communities.
  5. We continue to support funding for The Ohio State University Extension - Huron County Division.
  6. We support an income tax base for school levies with a reduction in real estate taxes.
  7. We support better vegetative control along roadways and encourage earlier mowing in the summer, to especially avoid safety risks of impaired vision at intersections and crossings.


  1. We are opposed to new regulations on water usage in Ohio.
  2. We encourage that any private property being considered taken for public use; that the property owners should be notified by certified mail and have it be signed by the receiver.
  3. We recommend state capital improvement money and grants be divided more equally amongst Ohio counties and communities regardless of population.
  4. We encourage drug testing for unemployment and family assistance (former welfare) recipients and if the test is positive then they lose that benefit; without sending them to rehabilitation.
  5. We support the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board and oppose animal rights groups such as HSUS, PETA, and MFA.
  6. We request more local control for Ohio school boards rather than mandates from the state board of education.
  7. We support local government NOT regional government.


  1. We support the elimination of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), and the Federal Transportation Board (FTB). We believe that they have exceeded their statutory authority or refuse responsibility to fulfill their roles in public interest.
  2. We support putting e-verify on hold until the H2A program is revamped & fully workable with all agricultural farmers.