Lorain County Farm Bureau Policies For 2017-2018

Accepted policies adopted September 7, 2017

We the members of the Lorain County Farm Bureau resolve…


  1. We encourage on farm research; including the effects of cover crops and bioremediation technology.
  2. We encourage all county residents to take advantage of higher education in Lorain County at Lorain County Community College (LCCC).
  3. We encourage the development of a cooperative relationship between LCCC and secondary student programs to allow students to develop technical and entrepreneurial skills in the agricultural industry while earning college credit.
  4. We encourage the development of opportunities where producers and consumers can trade local farm products.
  5. We encourage our membership to participate in recycling programs in Lorain County.
  6. We encourage the development of agricultural waste and recycling programs in Lorain County.
  7. We strongly encourage Lorain County Commissioners to fund Lorain County's Ohio State University Extension and 4-H programs and Lorain Soil & Water Conservation District.
  8. We support changes to county government to represent districts.
  9. We support better representation in the county by establishing districts based on population to better reflect the diverse communities in the county while following state protections for agriculture.
  10. In light of the increased regulations relating to water quality & fertilizer application, we encourage Lorain County Commissioners to retain an agricultural & natural resources educator at Ohio State University Extension.
  11. We ask that our Lorain County Commissioners develop a detailed budget plan to provide a comprehensive list of services that benefit the entire county.
  12. We encourage our Lorain County Commissioners to be involved and attend local Farm Bureau events.
  13. We support that all publicly funded storm water project applications, both district and community, be presented to the SWAC board (storm water advisory committee).
  14. We support that the Lorain County SWAC funds shall not be used for any future sanitary sewer or wastewater improvements. The benefiting sanitary customer shall provide the necessary funding, including inflow and infiltration reduction programs.
  15. We encourage our members to talk to their state legislators about agricultural topics and issues of importance.
  16. We support efforts to establish additional local detoxification facilities for those with drug and alcohol problems.
  17. We encourage the proper application of Ohio Revised Code laws governing in regards to agritourism. (We encourage townships and local governments to follow the Ohio Revised Code definition of agritourism and its uniform application.)
  18. We support the placement of agricultural signage on county roadways in high traffic areas in order to alert drivers to slow down and watch for agricultural traffic.


  1. We support increasing the minimum amount of insurance coverage for auto insurance.
  2. We encourage that Ohio Farm Bureau's AGG PAC reserve dollars for active Farm Bureau members be used to run for office.
  3. We oppose the requirement that farmers who lease government ground are required to pay property taxes on that ground.
  4. We encourage Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) staff to give priority to wetland determination so landowners can do land and drainage improvements in a timely manner.
  5. We encourage the state attorney general's office to investigate HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) for false advertising.
  6. We encourage OFBF (Ohio Farm Bureau Federation) to support its members to investigate the legality of perpetual land leases.
  7. We support restoration of local government funds.
  8. We support efforts to increase the availability of meat processing facilities and opportunities for farmers to market their livestock by:
    1. Increasing educational and professional opportunities in the industry.
    2. Clarifying and streamlining rules, regulations and enforcement policies.
    3. Providing clearer expectations when remedial actions are required by facilities.
    4. Allowing for processing and use of animals who are currently condemned because of injury, not illness or health conditions.


  1. We encourage Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) staff to give priority to wetland determination so landowners can do land and drainage improvements in a timely manner.
  2. We support improvements in the implementation of the Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP) which are needed immediately to ensure that the program operates as intended.