County Farm Bureau Policies

Through the annual policy development process our members discuss the major issues that are impacting both the county and the agriculture industry and make policy suggestions at local, state and national levels to address problems and concerns. The County Farm Bureau’s Policy Development Committee takes the information obtained from advisory councils, government officials, and members and formulates proposed policy development recommendations and presents them to the entire county Farm Bureau membership at the county annual meeting. Approved policy then becomes the “marching orders” for the county Farm Bureau board of trustees. County Farm Bureau policy is the foundation for programs and activities. After the policies are adopted it is then important for members and staff to work together to accomplish the policy goals.

Click the links below to discover the local, state, and national policies adopted by each county in the fall of 2017.

Cuyahoga County Policies

Erie County Policies

Huron County Policies

Lorain County Policies

You can also review the Ohio Farm Bureau's 2017 State Policies.